Color-Treated Hair in Danger  7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid!

Harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide weaken hair bonds, making color-treated hair fragile. Heat, wrong products, and neglect exacerbate damage.

Maintain your color-treated locks' allure by sidestepping these common blunders. Preserve radiance and prevent lasting damage.

Overusing hair dryers, straighteners, or curling irons fades color and causes brittleness. Heat oxidizes color, leading to brassy tones.

Excessive Heat Exposure

Frequent hair dyeing is tempting but risks damage. Excessive bleach or permanent dye harms hair, leading to dryness and frizz.

Dyeing Frequency

Colored hair needs regular trims to stay healthy. Experts recommend cuts every 6-12 weeks. Skipping trims stresses colored ends, causing damage.

Not trimming regularly

Using non-color-safe products risks hair health and color vibrancy. Opt for sulfate-free, paraben-free formulas to preserve your investment.

Not using the right product

Post-dye, your hair craves strength and vitality. Skipping protein-rich masks denies nourishment, causing weakened, lackluster strands.

Neglecting Protein 

Sun exposure harms colored hair. UVB rays weaken protein, UVA rays alter color. Melanin degradation fades hue, causing brittleness and brassiness.

Overlook Sun Damage

Alcohol in hair products, like propanol and ethanol, dries hair. Short-chain alcohols evaporate quickly, depleting moisture, causing dryness and frizz.

Using Alcohol-Based Products

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