7 Bad Habits That Are Making You old

Get rid of these bad habits now, to get rid of your untimely aging.

Avoid sunscreen

Do you have a tendency to not apply sunscreen? Then stop this tendency. Harmful UV rays of the sun cause wrinkles, skin cancer, and sunspots on the skin.


Tobacco contains toxins that reduce oxygen and important nutrients circulation. For which new cells cannot form in our skin,  as a result, we look older.

Poor diet

Poor eating habits accelerate the aging process. Food high in saturated fat, laden with calories and trans fat, and as a result of overeating these foods, cause premature aging of the skin.

Not taking proper care of skin

Not following the skincare routine properly, which also causes dehydration in the skin and fine lines, wrinkles accentuated. Again, using the wrong skincare products is the cause of again.

Drinking to much alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol causes dehydration and absorbs all the fluids from the skin, speeding up the aging process.

Stress and lack of sleep

During stress, the body releases a type of hormone called cortisol. And this hormone increases the production of oils in the body which leads to clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Sleeping on your face

Whenever you sleep on your face, the surface of the pillow also causes irritation on your skin. Wrinkles are formed as a result of the pressure on the face for a long time.

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