7 Amazing Reasons To Use Olive Oil For Your Beard

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Beard oil is one of those things that you never quite understand how it works until it’s been used on your own beard. There is an essence of manliness that comes with having a good beard. A strong beard grows thick, looks happier, and helps you become the leader of the pack. The use of olive oil for health benefits has been around for many years. Why not use olive oil to maintain your man beard as well? Here are seven reasons why olive oil works amazingly for beards.

Olives are actually fruits that grow on olive trees, and Olive oil is made from this fruit. Olive trees are native to the Mediterranean basin, and olives are obtained from this tree around the month of November.

Once harvested, the olives are washed, crushed, and mixed with water. Then they’re pressed to extract the oil. Olive oil can be produced by other methods, but this traditional method has been used for centuries and is considered the best way to make it.

Because there are many different varieties of olives, there are also many different types of olive oils. Olive oil comes in four main types: extra virgin, virgin, refined and pure.

Olive oil has been used throughout history to treat a variety of ailments ranging from earaches to rheumatism. In addition to its internal use as a supplement or nutritional aid, it can be applied topically to treat dry or irritated skin. Olive oil is sometimes used as an ingredient in lotions or creams that are intended to soften skin or promote healing after injury.

Why Should You Apply Olive Oil For Beard?

Olive oil is one of the most common natural products used to promote hair growth. It’s also one of the most popular carrier oils used as a base for beard oil.

The question is, why use olive oil in the first place?

Well, firstly, it’s readily available and relatively cheap. In fact, you can probably find a bottle of olive oil in your own kitchen right now.

Secondly, olive oil is packed full of vitamins A and E that help to nourish your facial hair. It’s also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that will keep your facial hair healthy and moisturized.

These vitamins and nutrients are also very healthy for your skin underneath your beard. One of the most common issues men face with growing out their facial hair is dry, itchy skin and dandruff. This can be frustrating at best and painful at worst!

When applied regularly to the root of your beard, this oil can help to combat these issues by providing much-needed moisture to your skin.

Some men also use coconut oil for healthy beards. Here again, a question arises which is suitable for your beard? Although, we have given the answer to this question here.

Olive oil vs. Coconut oil, which is best for your beard?

Olive oil and coconut oil are two of the most popular oils in the world. Choosing the right oil for your beard is an important decision. Each oil comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Both coconut oil and olive oil have proven to be beneficial for your beard and both can be used for your facial hair.

However, one may be more effective than the other. The differences between olive oil and coconut oil are many, but they are both a healthy alternative to synthetic products and more expensive natural products like Argan oil.

Benefits of using olive oil for your beard

1. Olive oil can help stop beard itch

Olive oil can help stop beard itch. It has numerous positive benefits for your facial hair and skin. It is a great ingredient to use if you want to get rid of beard itch, especially in the early stages.

Many people suffer from itching while growing a beard. This is because during the early growth stages the hairs are still short and rough and they can scrape against the skin causing irritation.

Olive oil has excellent moisturizing properties which means that it will help to prevent any dryness in the skin and therefore reduce beard itch. If you apply olive oil to your beard and massage it into your skin you should find that any itching subsides within minutes.

Read more about the causes of beard itching and their proper treatment.

2. Helps to soften facial hair

Olive oil can soften beard hair and keep it shiny and healthy. It’s a good idea to use olive oil as a beard conditioner.

Olive Oil is a popular ingredient in beard oil recipes because of its ability to moisturize the skin underneath the beard, which helps prevent dryness and dandruff. This oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids that help soothe and nourish the skin.

Olive oil can be used as an alternative to store-bought beard conditioners for those who prefer a natural option. It’s best used after washing with shampoo or cleansing with soap to remove any dirt from facial hair before applying olive oil directly onto damp strands (not wet) using your fingers as needed throughout day.

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3. Helps reduce the risk of dry beard

Olive oil can be used as a key ingredient for beard care. It’s been used for millennia as a cosmetic product, and is also eaten because it’s good for you. If you’re growing a beard, you should get into the habit of using olive oil at least once a week to keep your stubble healthy and to reduce the risks of dryness. Most people prefer to use olive oil in the evening before going to sleep.

4. May help reduce facial hair loss

Although this may sound totally crazy, there is some truth to the fact that olive oil can help reduce hair loss. It may be due to the fact that olive oil contains a lot of antioxidants that help repair damage to your skin, or perhaps it’s due to the fact that olive oil is high in vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy skin. Either way, incorporating a couple of tablespoons of olive oil into your daily routine may be worth a shot.

5. Can hydrate your skin and facial hair

The health benefits of olive oil are no longer a secret. The benefits of olive oil are endless and if you use it to hydrate your beard, you will see the difference. Hydrating your skin and your beard is very important because it makes your skin and your beard softer and smoother. It also prevents dryness. If you live in a dry climate, you will have to hydrate your skin and your beard on a regular basis. Although you can use other beard care products for your beard, but olive oil hydrate your skin, makes beard healthier and prevents other problems of the beard.

6. You can use olive oil to reduce beardruff

If you are a bearded guy, you probably know about Beardruff. It’s pretty common for guys to experience beardruff, especially during the winter.

Beardruff is basically dandruff but it appears on your beard instead of your head. Dry weather such as winter and low humidity can cause dryness and rashes on our skin, which makes our beard look unhealthy.

Most guys think that they need to spend money on fancy beard products to help with this, but the truth is that olive oil works just as well. To reduce beardruff and keep the beard healthy you can use olive oil.

7. Olive oil helps in beard growth

For all the fellas out there who love to sport a beard, you might want to add olive oil to your daily regimen. The beard oil is designed to moisturize your skin and strengthen the hair on your face.

If you’re looking for ways on how to grow a beard faster naturally, olive oil can be a great help. The oil restores the nutrients that are lost by washing off daily. In addition, the oil helps in beard growth by nourishing the skin below the hair follicles.

Olive oil also helps in preventing bacterial infections that can cause itching and irritation.

How To Use Olive Oil For Beard?

Having a beard is like having a pet. You should take good care of beard, otherwise there may be a lot of problems with the beard, which you have to work hard to deal with later.

One way to keep your beard looking beautiful is by using the right oils. Olive oil is one such oil that can do wonders for your beard.

Here are some ways to use olive oil for your beard:

  • As pre-shave oil

To prevent ingrown hairs, you can use olive oil as pre-shave oil. Simply massage olive oil into your beard before shaving. This will help you to get a close and clean shave.

  • As a shampoo

Olive oil works wonderfully as a shampoo or conditioner, especially if you have dry hair or dandruff. To make an olive oil shampoo, mix together 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap and 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil in a bottle. Add 15 drops of tea tree essential oil and shake well before using every time.

  • As aftershave moisturizer

Olive oil has amazing moisturizing properties, which makes it ideal for use as an aftershave moisturizer. To make an aftershave moisturizer, combine 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil with 5 drops each.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about Olive Oil and Beards. Olive oil is a great choice for beards because it helps the skin stay moisturized and hydrated. This prevents the skin from becoming dry and flaky and also helps reduce the risk of dandruff and itching.

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that help keep skin healthy. A lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about oiling beards, but we hope this blog has shown you that oils can actually help you achieve the best beard that you can, so long as it is done in moderation!

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