How to Straighten Hair for Men: 4 Easy and Effective Ways

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Are you confused about how to straighten hair for men? And Do you envision changing your hairstyle by straightening your hair? There is nothing to be concerned about, you can easily do it if you want. When you straighten your hair, your hair will become easily manageable and frizzy.

Men should have no shame about taking care of themselves. There are many men who want to do skin care or hair care, but they are not encouraged to do this, thinking about what people are going to think. Don’t worry, it is normal to take care of yourself. You may therefore take the time to take care of your skin and hair.

You can straighten your hair with no hesitation and you can do it at home at low cost. Once you straighten your hair, you will be rid of unruly and wavy hair.

But keep in mind that this post is not just about curly-haired men. Those with light curls or waves will also benefit from reading this blog, again if you are interested in changing your look from time to time, then continue reading.

There are several options for straightening hair for men are available such as temporary blow dry method to permanent chemical straighten method. But at the end, choose the method that is going to work on your hair, and the tools you have.

Let’s start with the first option to straighten hair

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Blow dry is a popular hair straightening method.

If you want to straighten your hair with a blow dryer such as salon style, you can do it yourself at home. That is very easy to do at home because almost everyone has the necessary tools. And the great thing about it is that it is quite hassle-free and can be finished in about 15-20 minutes in less time. 

Now, let’s find out what steps it takes to straighten your hair with a blow dryer.

Hair wash

Prior to using the blow dryer, the hair should be wet. It would be great if you do shampoo your hair first. It is extremely important to have clean hair to use the hair dryer. Following the shampoo, the conditioners can be applied on the hair. The conditioner helps smooth the hair. And it detangles your hair, and simplifies the next blow out process.

Dry the hair and remove tangles

After washing the hair, pat dry the hair well with a towel, choose a shampoo and conditioner that has the ability to smooth the hair. And if you have frizzy and tangled hair, after applying the conditioner, remove the tangles with your finger.

What kind of comb to use

After pat drying your hair, brush it thoroughly. Please ensure the hair is not tangled at all. Straighten the hair as much as you can with a comb. The type of comb you use to comb your hair, will depend on the type of hair you have. If you have thick and curly hair, use a wide toothed comb. And if you have thin hair, use a thin tooth comb. You can start with the comb you have, then you can use a professional comb when you get skilled. (Click to learn more about how to get thicker and fuller hair)

Protect your hair from heat damage

The next step is to apply oil or a heat protection spray to protect the hair from heat. If you want to apply the oil then you can take coconut oil or argan oil. Take a few drops of oil onto the palm of the hand and apply it evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair. The oil protects the hair from heat damage, as does a heat protection spray.

Now how to straighten hair

Now it’s time to straighten your hair with a blow dryer. Use a dryer that has a separate nozzle fitting option. So, you can attach it before you blow dry. By attaching this nozzle to the dryer, helps to dry the hair completely into small sections and controls the air flow. Set the temperature of the dryer on medium beforehand.

Start straightening the hair from the front. Straighten the front hairs, pulling them up with a comb in a small section. Then begin blow drying, keeping the dryer nozzle approximately 1 inch from the hair, from the roots of the hair to the ends. So dry every section the same way. And the hairs in the back of the head have to be combed flat to the scalp. And then aim the blow dryer down on to it.

Nevertheless, this method straightens the hair without adding volume to the hair. Remember not to dry for an extended period of time in a section of hair. As a result of this the hair is more likely to be damaged. When the hair is completely dry, your hair will seem straighter than normal. Once the hair is dry, blast some cool air, that will set the hair style. (Click here to know how to get slick back hair)

Apply a serum

The last step of blow drying is to keep the hair’s shine and frizz free is to use a good serum or hair pomade. Take a few drops of serum on the palm of the hand and gently apply them from the roots to the ends of the hair.

And if your hair serum is unable to hold the hair style for a long time, then use hair setting spray. But never spray the hair spray too close to the hair spray slightly away from the hair, the light coating is enough.

The second method of straightening men’s hair is Flat Ironing

How-To-Straighten-Hair-For-Men(Keratin treatment)

Flat ironing is the second option in our hair straightening list. You may find it a little difficult to do this, so you need to be patient and careful. And it may not be perfect in the first place, it will be perfect if you practice it.

Wash your hair thoroughly

The first step before ironing the hair is to use shampoo and conditioning. Shampoo and conditioner must have detangling ingredients and should be able to smooth the hair. Hair should be clean for flat ironing. In addition, you can apply a leave-in conditioner.

Dry your hair

After shampooing and conditioning the hair, thoroughly dry the hair with a hair dryer. Using iron on wet hair will result in hair damage. If you don’t want to blow dry your hair, you can dry it you normally in the air.

Apply heat protectant

After the hair is fully dry, apply a heat protection to the hair. This serum or spray will protect your hair from heat damage while using a flat iron. Apply the serum or spray onto each strand.

Start straightening the hair

Now set the flat iron to the lowest temperature (120.c/240.f) Section and gather one inch hair, This time has to use the comb. Then start straighten the gathered section with a flat iron from root to top. Remember not to press your hair too hard by straightening it with a flat iron. It may pull your hair out. Straighten a section for 1-2 seconds, otherwise straightening longer may cause hair damage.

Keep straightening each section of hair in this way until you get the result you want. At last comb your hair and make any hairstyle you want. And you can set your hair in a certain style by applying styling gel.

But before using the flatiron on the hair, you should have some knowledge of it. For example, If you have very thin, fine and bleached hair always keep the lower heat setting of straightener (120 degree C to 160degree C). And if you have curly or thick hair, then your hair requires a little more heat (190ºC to 210ºC). And finally, if your hair is normal and wavy, then the temperature should be 160ºC to 190ºC.

Now what kind of flat iron plate will you use? Ceramic, titanium and tourmaline are some of the types of flat iron plate options.

  • Ceramic plate works well for those, whose hair is normal to fine. Since ceramic plates do not distribute heat evenly in the hair, it may not work as well in curly and thick hair. But for those of you who are looking for an affordable option, this would be the best option for you.
  • Tourmaline plate provides a smooth coating on the hair. This kind of flat iron provides uniform heat to the hair.
  • Titanium flat iron is a metal that heats up quite quickly. It is suitable for curly and thickened hair. It is mostly used by professionals.

Keratin Treatment is the third option to straighten hair for men

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Keratin treatment is also known as Brazilian blowout. It is a long-term solution for those who wish to get rid of frizzy and curly hair. As you all know, when you straighten your hair temporarily, you lose plenty of time to fix it. So those who have very little time to do these, once if they get it done, it will save time and money as well and you don’t have to go to the salon again and again to fix your hair. Therefore, you may do the keratin treatment at home to avoid this hassle.

If you decide to get a keratin treatment at home, you can purchase a at home-kit. This process requires keratin treatment kit as well as flat iron However, ensure that the keratin treatment does not contain ingredients called formaldehyde. It is a harmful chemical that has the potential to affect your health. Irritation and allergic reactions may occur in your skin, eyes and lungs.

Wash and dry your hair

Prior to doing the keratin treatment, thoroughly wash your hair with an anti-residue shampoo. However, you should not apply a conditioner later. After shampooing, wash your hair thoroughly and blow dry them until they are completely dry. Then devide the hair into small sections. Take a closer look at the instructions given about the keratin treatment product.

It’s time to apply the product

Now, apply the product evenly onto the hair. As per your convenience, you can wear gloves or use a brush, which you feel comfortable in. Apply the product section by section. You can also comb the hair at the end to spread it evenly all over the hair.

Leave it on the hair for a while and then wash

Leave the product on the hair for some time after application of the product, or as directed. Then wash your hair thoroughly to make sure there isn’t any more product. After washing your hair, you can blow dry your hair or naturally air dry it out. Once the hair is dry, divide your hair into small sections and start straightening the hair with a flat iron, and if your hair is a quite long then take the help of clips to devide the hair into sections.

Some precautions for the next hair wash

Do not wash your hair for at least 72 hours, once the keratin treatment is complete. Even the hair should not come into contact with any type of perspiration or water. And if your hair is short, you don’t want to tie it up. However, those whose hair is a little longer, should not wear a hair band after the treatment. Every time you shampoo after keratin treatment, try using the sulphate-free shampoo.

The last and fourth option in the list of hair straightening methods is Relaxer

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Before using the relaxer, you need to know the difference between the keratin treatment and the relaxer. Compared with the relaxer, keratin treatment temporarily loses the curl pattern. But the relaxer permanently straightens hair, breaking the molecular bond of hair.

If you want to use relaxer, you can go to the salon and get professional help. In addition, you can do it yourself at home. There are many at-home-relaxer kits available in the market. However, since you are using relaxer at home, you must read the instructions written on the package.

Wash the hair

As with earlier methods, the first step was to wash the hair, but that method is different here. Shampoo 2 to 3 days prior to applying the relaxer. Do not wash your hair immediately prior to applying the relaxer. Ensure that your hair is not clean. Use gloves to protect your hands from chemicals. Follow the instructions and blend the relaxer.

Apply the product

Then apply the paste evenly across all hairs in each section, from root to tip. Leave the product on your hair for 10-15 minutes after application, or follow the directions. Then clean your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Finish with the conditioner and wash the hair well in cold water.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying relaxer, as it is a chemical treatment, so you need to be very careful. You should follow all safety precautions provided in the product to prevent hair from being damaged.

Some words from groomermonk

Men think that straightening hair is a big deal, but it is not like that. Or maybe they were confused for so long because, they did not have a clear idea of how to straighten men’s hair. So we tried to help you clear up your confusion by offering you four options for straightening. You only need a bit of practice. Do whatever method or option you think you are going to get good results. These options include permanent options as well as temporary options. So don’t think too hard, get that straight hair you want.

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