How To Maintain A Beard | 12 Useful Guides

How To Maintain A Beard | 12 Useful Guides
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Growing a beard is not that difficult, this is what happens in many cases that maybe many of you growing your beard the way you want, thinking you’re going to experiment with a new beard look. But later, due to lack of proper maintenance, you cut them off. It also looks messy if proper beard maintenance is not done. When you meet someone, your face is visible to them, if your beard is messy, their reaction will be different. If you want to take care of your beard really well and look clean, then you must know how to maintain a beard. If you already have a large beard, but due to lack of proper care, your beard are sometimes feels itchy or be all over the face. Then you need to take care to make your beard manageable, healthy, and looks its best.

Beard care is very important, but it has to be easy and we should avoid making it difficult. Although beard care has never been easier. If you don’t take proper care of your bead, your whole appearance can make you look messy. So, to make your job easier, we’ve come up with a few but effective beard maintenance tips. So, what are you waiting for! Follow these 12 useful guides that how to maintain a beard and turn your beard into a healthy and manageable.

1.Wash your beard regularly

If you would like to keep your beard healthy, it is very important to keep it clean on a regular basis. Our face is most exposed throughout the day, either in the sun or on the street. What happens in that, all the pollution that is outside, everything comes into contact with the beard very easily. Or maybe you ate something, then leftovers of food stuck to the beard, and if you don’t clean them properly, your beard will become very unhealthy and gross. So, keep your beard clean all time. If you keep your beard unhygienic for a long time, then gradually your skin can exacerbate the itchiness. If your beard is too long and thick, then you need take to extra care of your beard.

How to wash beard?

You will find lots of beard cleansers online. But if you do not want to buy a specific beard cleanser, then I will suggest you that you can also use the hair shampoo to clean the beard. But keep in mind that no matter what hair shampoo or beard cleaner you use for your beard, it should not contain harmful chemicals, such as phthalates, sulfates. Always use gentle cleansing products. If you clean your beard regularly with a cleanser, it avoids the accumulation of dirt on your beard.

2.Exfoliate the skin

This problem is more common among people with dry skin, again, this problem occurs during the winter or the dry months. It’s an extreme issue when you don’t take care of it, and neglect it, which is dandruff. Dandruff is dead skin and is caused by a lack of adequate cleansing at the right time. And if this dandruff problem is not treated in time, it may lead to a more severe problem in the future. Therefore, these dead skins need to be cleaned on a regular basis.


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How do you exfoliate your skin underneath?

You can exfoliate your skin with a scrub or a chemical exfoliant, It cleanses the dead skin on the surface. And that makes the beard healthier. You may exfoliate twice or three times a week. Regularly exfoliate your skin causes to well absorb all the beard products which you will apply, and it’ll ensures that no more dead skin is left. As a result, your beard will look clean and you will feel confident.

3.Trim your beard regularly

If you want to grow a beard and style it, you first need to know how to trim it properly. After your beard grows to a length as you wish, then trim your beard often, to maintain them this length. If you trim your beard regularly, it becomes more manageable and your beard will look healthy. You should not rush while you are trimming your beard, it requires a little patience. You can also go to a salon for trim. But if you don’t want to spend that much money, then you can trim your own beard. Whenever you trim your beard, first decide how much you want to trim.

Use a scissors if you want to trim your beard precisely. You can use the beard trimmer too, to trim your beard. However, don’t forget that trimming your beard with scissors is less likely to damage your beard. If your beard have split ends, then a beard trimmer gives you a great result. Glide your beard trimmer slowly over the area where the beard needs to be trimmed

4.Always cut your beard to match your face shape

Keep the beard in a way that suits your face. Don’t style your beard in such a way, that you feel uncomfortable. Whenever you start growing a beard, research different styles of beard that what kind of beard style will look good on what kind of face shape. Start by determining the shape of your face, then choose a specific style that will suit this shape better. If your beard matches your face, you will also look better and also it will boost your confidence. Afterwards, with this perfect beard, you will not hesitate to go in front of the people.

5.If you want to grow beard, be patient first

Before styling your beard, have patience. Give them time to grow.  If you get impatient and cut them off, you cannot get the results that you want. Be restrained by cutting it off during the initial phase. Give time to grow it for at least one month. If you allow your beard to grow, all the strands of beard grow evenly. Then it will be convenient to cut and you can do any style you want. Yes, incase if you want to have a short beard style, then you don’t need to grow it bigger. However, whether you style your beard small or large. You have to be a little patient.

6.Keep proper tools for beard

Having the right tools for the beard is really important. Beard trimmer helps to cut the edges of your beard better. It trims all the beards evenly. And if you want to trim your beard precisely, then there in no comparison with scissors. Scissors also prevent the chances of split ends. Another very significant tool is the beard comb. Do not use the wide-toothed comb. It is important to keep the comb for beard, so that when cutting the beard, it will help to untangle the beard. However, every time you use scissors to cut your beard, take care not to cut too much by accident.

7.Use beard oil

Start using beard oil. Beard oil helps prevent flakes, itching, and maintaining a healthy beard. It also moisturizes the skin underneath. Apply which beard oil you feel comfortable with. Beard oil can be too thick. You may feel heavy. So try a few first, then finalize the one you’re comfortable with. If your beard is too big, then use a comb, it will be more convenient for you to apply oil onto your beard. And if you have a short beard, you can put oil on your beard with your fingers.

How to use beard oil

First, take 3-4 drops of beard oil on the palm of your hand, then rub and spread the oil around your fingers. Then start applying the oil on the beards. Gently massage the beard. Ensure you spread the oil evenly on the beard. And make sure you apply oil to your mustache. After that comb your beard to evenly spread the oil. If your skin and beard become dry, take a few more drops and apply the oil again as you applied it before. Nevertheless, do not apply a lot of oil at the beginning. It is possible that the beard gets greasy with more oil. Always apply the oil onto the beard after you have bathed. Because at that moment your beard is wet, and it’s going to absorb more oil.


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8.It’s necessary to clean neckline.

When you clean your neckline your beard will look well maintained and well defined. Although you do not see your neckline properly, if the neckline is clean properly, it brings a different dimension to your beard style. First stand straight in, front of the mirror. Then examine carefully that how much you will trim your beard from the neckline. Place your finger at the top of your Adam’s apple. Then tilt your head a little bit and start trimming this spot downwards. Trim outward from the middle. Make sure you trim under the jawline. If you want to give it a square shape, then cut a vertical line below the ear lobes to the horizontal line below the chin. Or if you give it a round shape, then gently rounded it off. Finally, give it a finishing touch, shaving off the areas of the neckline where you just trimmed.

9.You should not forget about mustache

In any style of beard, you should not forget about your mustache. Take special care of the mustache. Regularly trim your mustache. You will need a scissor to trim your mustache. But don’t forget that scissors are meant to cut the beard. Just as you use shampoo, exfoliator, and oil on your beard, apply these things to your mustache as well. Initially, managing a mustache can seem a little daunting. But regular TLC will help your mustache look better and also manageable.

If you are having trouble trimming your mustache in the initial stage, you can use a beard trimmer or clippers. Then when your mustache gets quite bigger, and you will also become an expert in cutting or trimming the mustache, then you can use scissors. Just as you clean your beard with shampoo, also clean your mustache using your beard shampoo. Your mustache needs to be clean, it needs exfoliation too.

10. Do you keep your beard hydrated and conditioned?

Are you just using beard oil or only shampoo on your beard? If you think that applying any one of these is helping your beard to stay healthy, then you are wrong. If you want to keep your beard healthy, then you need to use a beard shampoo, a beard conditioner, an exfoliation, and beard oil. Your beard needs all kinds of care to stay hydrated and conditioned. There are many types of shampoos, beard oils, exfoliants, and conditioners that are made just for the beard. Beard needs proper maintenance. It easily can become dehydrated, so to keep your beard hydrated, use beard oil. Beard conditioner gives it a shinier appearance and also moisturizes the prickly beard.


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11.Stay healthy

Just like, your skin is a reflection of your inner health, like this, your beard also reflects your health too. If you live healthily, it will be reflected in your beard. Therefore, to make your beard strong and healthy from the inside, exercise daily, eat healthy food and rest sufficiently every night. You should take a balanced diet, eat foods that have biotin, vitamin a, complex B, B3, B5, B9. Add walnuts, egg yolks, leafy veggies, lean meats, and milk to your diet. And drink plenty of water in a day to strengthen hair and improve the health of hair as well as beard.

12.Trim gray hairs

Yes, it’s completely up to you, whether you keep your gray hair the way it is or not. If you don’t want to keep gray hair, then you need to trim it regularly. If you have gray beard, use conditioner, because gray hair can be thick and more bristle, and conditioner helps to soften the beard.


In conclusion, we all know that maintaining the beard is not very easy, it is somewhat tricky. But if you want anything, you need to work a little harder. By following these tips, you can make your beard healthy and strong from the inside. Therefore, in our post on how to maintain a beard, we kept as few as effective guidance as we can. We hope it will help you a lot in having a healthy and awesome looking beard.

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