Hair Care Tips To Make Your Hair Healthier

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Just as we take care of our skin seriously, we also have to take care of our hair seriously. There are many women who think a simple shampoo is adequate for hair care. In addition, there is a lot of confusion on the number of days a week to do the shampoo, or what type of hair they have.  They have no idea how damaged their hair is. Even there are many women who purchased hair products just by watching commercials on television but do not receive such results. They do not get the expected results even after using expensive shampoos.

So in order to prevent your hair from becoming a big problem in the future, now you need to know some basic things that will make your hair healthy. I bring you the correct hair care tips to make your hair healthier.

I assure you, these hair care tips are not difficult methods to follow.

When I was a child, I never liked to oil my hair. My mother used to forcefully apply oil on my hair. But when I was a little older, my mom didn’t insist on using oil, even though I didn’t apply it to myself either.  So my mother said that someday I would understand the importance of oiling the hair.

For almost two years, I have never applied any oil to my hair. About two years later, I found that my hair had become a lot worse. My friends started to suggest me apply remedies to my hair. Then I did what they told me to do. If I applied leaf juice, one day, I would apply another homemade remedy the next day. But nothing happened, my hair became worse and worse. Then another issue was added, the hair began to fall off. And it was already rough and dry.

Then I stopped using everything, I just focused on some basic things. The first thing I started doing was applying oil to my hair, as my mom said. At first, I used to apply only coconut oil, then I started mixing castor oil in coconut oil and started applying it to my hair. Look, I’m not saying just applying oil will cure all your hair problems. No, if you want to make your hair healthy, you need to know some basic things besides applying oil, as I did.

So, you can start with step 1 by applying oil to your hair,

How to apply oil on the hair:

Scalp massage using any hair oil, helps stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp. Take some oil, then warm it up a little. I put the bowl of oil onto a pot of warm water, this way the oil stays warmer a little longer, and I also get enough time to massage my hair.

However, ensure that your oil is not too hot. Take some warm oil on your fingertips, then gently massage using the circular motion. Don’t massage the scalp too harshly. First, concentrate on the scalp, then apply it to the rest of the hair. Remember to detangle the hair before applying the oil,  and after applying the oil, comb the hair well with a wide-tooth comb.

Apply oil once or twice a week. You can apply it the night before the day you shampoo your hair or apply oil 2-3 hours prior to shampooing.


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2. Cleansing:

An important step in hair care is to clean the hair. There should not be any negligence while cleaning the hair.

Learn about the mistakes you have made for so long during hair cleaning:

Your hair’s health depends on the way you shampoo. The mistakes you made during shampooing so long, you need to stop making those mistakes first. If you used your fingernails to cleanse your scalp, then that was a big mistake. There is a possibility of scratching the scalp with your nails, this can lead to hair loss and this hard rubbing can generate more oils on the scalp.

For so long, if you hadn’t untangled your hair before you washed it, that’s also a mistake. If the hair is not detangled before washing, then once the hair is wet, there is a chance that more hair will be entangled and torn. Hot water can damage your hair and its volume.

So, what kind of mistakes did you make so far? You must have realized the mistakes you’ve been doing for so long. How do you wash your hair? Remember, there are a few things to keep in mind when shampooing, let’s know, how to do this.

How can you improve your hair washing method without damaging your hair:

Instead of harshly rubbing your hair, massage your scalp in a circular motion. Whether it’s shampoo or apply oil, when you massage your scalp, it’s in both cases helps to exfoliate your scalp and boost blood flow. Now hair detangling, it prevents the breakage of your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb while detangling your hair.

However, do not pull the hair hard while detangling. Always start untangling the ends of the hair, then gently move to the mid-length and finally the roots of the hair. Another tip you should remember is that the type of water you need to use. Always use lukewarm water first, as it cleans up dirt, germs that clogged your pores. Warm water also stimulates blood circulation.

Every time, when you use shampoo, you must first dilute it by mixing with water. The shampoo you are using may contain harsh chemicals. And the effectiveness of these harsh chemicals is somewhat reduced when it is diluted in water.

May be the hair products you are using can contain different types of chemicals, such as sulfate, paraffin, paraben, mineral oil, silicone etc. Try to use hair products which are sulfate-free, paraffin-free, paraben-free and contain 0% mineral oil.

If your hair falling out or lost its natural shine and moisture, then sulfate-free shampoo will do wonder.


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3. Conditioner:

The next step after washing your hair with shampoo is to apply conditioner. Please, do not skip this step. It seals the moisture in your hair.

Benefits of conditioner:

If you think it’s not necessary to use conditioner, let me tell you, you’re wrong. Following the shampoo, you need to apply the conditioner. If you just use the shampoo for a long period, you will notice that gradually your hair becomes rough.

The reason for this roughness, because the fact that you’ve always just used shampoo which reduces the natural elements of your hair. Thus, it is necessary to use conditioner locks the hydrating properties and shine on the hair and it also makes the hair manageable, frizz-free.

How to use conditioner:

Conditioning is the second step to cleansing hair. After washing your hair with shampoo, take some amount of conditioner. Then apply it evenly on the mid-lengths to the ends. But remember, don’t ever apply conditioner to your scalp. Leave this for a moment. You can follow what time is suggested on the bottle. Finally, rinse well with cold water. Make sure there is no conditioner remaining in your hair.



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4. Hair mask:

  You may think that if you have applied the conditioner, then why do you need to use a hair mask. But the hair masks make your hair more healthier. First of all, you need to know the differences between a hair mask and a conditioner.

Differences between hair mask and conditioner:

The conditioner moisturizes your hair for a couple of hours or a day or so. It softens and makes hair manageable, and provides moisture to your rough and dry hair right away, but this way your hair will not be able to get moisture and softness permanently.

On the other hand, as a result of the constant use of hair masks for some time, your hair becomes healthier, softer and stronger. When the conditioner must be used for a short period of time, its efficacy is short-lived. But in that case the hair mask has to be applied for a long time, which makes it a long time to work. It penetrates the roots of your hair and strengthens the hair, and also prevents dryness, the frizinesss of hair. Makes your scalp more healthier.

Now, you may think you are no longer using conditioner from now on, instead use a hair mask. Then you are thinking wrong again. As I have already said, the conditioner is never bad for the hair, as the conditioner is used for a short time, its effectiveness is also short-lived and in the case of a hair mask, you get more time to repair your hair.

You can use the conditioner every day, but you can’t apply the hair mask every day, it’s best when you apply it one or two days a week.

You can also make your own hair mask. There are so many hair mask DIYs. If you don’t have time to make the hair mask, you can purchase a hair mask as well. When you buy hair mask, just keep in mind what you want for your hair.

How to use hair masks

First, you divide your hair in sections. Now, start applying the hair mask to each section of your hair one by one with the help of your fingers or you can also use a brush. Start applying from your scalp to mid-length and last towards the ends. Now spread the hair mask evenly with the help of a wide-tooth comb. Leave it for at least for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, rinse with cool water, do not use hot water.

Besides these, here are some small but effective tips that are necessary for making healthy hair. You need to know what are these.



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5. Trim regularly:

You need to trim your hair every 3 or 4 months. Trimming prevents your hair from breaking off. After every trimming session, you feel fresh, clean and confident. Trimming maintains your look and your hair will look always its best.

6. Avoid exposing your hair to the sunlight:

Just like too much sunlight is not good for your skin, like this, too much sunlight is not good for your hair either. Prolonged exposure to the sun may lead to your hair dry, rough and also causes split ends. Even those with dyed hair, their hair color becomes blurred. When the sunlight is stronger, wear a hat or cover your hair with a scarf.



  • Hair no longer has to take the heat from the sun and styling tools when it’s got a thermal shield.
  • Helps defend against damage done by too much heat from styling and sun.
  • Aloe, Irish Moss, and Ginkgo help restore shine and decrease the appearance of split ends and damaged hair.

7. Healthy diet:

The health of your hair also depends on the type of food you eat every day. The more vitamins you add in your diet, the healthier your hair will be. Add food to your diet, which provides you with sufficient quantities of vitamins.

There are numerous benefits of vitamins. Vitamin A, B, C, D, Iodine, and Iron all of these vitamins help to make our hair strong, healthy and grow long. Here is a list, let’s find out which foods contain which vitamins.

  • The best sources of vitamin A are milk, sweet potatoes, papaya, apricots, tomatoes, carrots, eggs, mango, spinach and water melon.
  • Vitamin B or biotin are found in cheese, peanuts, walnuts, milk, yogurt, almond and egg yolk.
  • The best sources of vitamin C include lime, amla (gooseberry), and orange. Basically citrus foods are usually good for both hair and skin.
  • The best sources of vitamin D are egg yolks, fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, oats, soy milk, mushrooms and tofu. We also know that sunlight is an ideal source of vitamin D.
  • Best sources of vitamin E are broccoli, kiwi, wheat germ oil, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, spinach and mango.
  • Iodine: Shellfish and seawater are good sources of iodine. Iodine is also found in cereals and grains.
  • Iron: Best sources of iron are soy bean flour, dried apricots, nuts, chickpeas, kidney beans, liver and red meat.


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8. Drink lots of water:

The human body comprises almost 50% of water. Then you must understand how much water is necessary for us. Drinking sufficient water is not just good for your skin, it is also good for your hair. Women are advised to drink approximately 8-9 cups of water per day, and men should drink approximately 13-14 cups of water per day.

If you don’t drink enough water, then make sure you drink enough water from now on. There are many benefits of drinking water for hair such as water stimulates hair growth, makes hair healthier, stronger, repair damaged hair. Water keeps your hair hydrated, and this will prevent problems like dandruff. And it flushes out toxins from your body, which helps to remain your body and hair healthy.

9. Detangle your hair:

I have said at the beginning in this post that it is necessary to remove the tangle of hair. With regular detangling of the hair, the risk of hair breakage is reduced. However, you need to notice how you are detangling your hair, or you are using the right tools.

You need to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Remember, do not detangle too harshly. Harsh movement can make your hair break more. For your convenience, you can detangle in sections. First, comb in small sections and starting at the ends and then slowly and gently comb to way up.


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10. Wash hair in cold or hot water?

You may have doubts as to whether you should wash your hair with cool or hot water. Firstly, let me tell you that never use too hot or hot water on hair or skin. But, yes, you can use lukewarm water. When using lukewarm water, first, understand the correct water temperature for washing your hair. The benefits of washing the hair with warm water are that it cleans the build-up of products, dirt and grime also opens the pores of the scalp.

Basically, hot water cleans the buildup of the scalp properly. Now, let’s look at the advantages of cold water. Cold water stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, keeps the shine and smoothness, preserves the natural oils in your hair and helps to keep your scalp clean.

Then, when to use which type of water?

Best of all, if you wash with warm water while shampooing it cleans the hair well and in the final rinse or after using conditioner use cold water.

11. Rinse properly

Whether you have shampooed or conditioned or used any mask, wash your hair thoroughly. There should be no products left in the hair and scalp. If you rinse your hair properly, you will feel fresh.

12. Scrub gently

Whenever you wash your hair, do not rub your scalp too harshly. Always rub in small circles slowly using your fingers. Don’t scrub scalp harshly even if you are in a hurry. So, the day you clean your hair, take a little more time.

13. Never rub your hair

While drying your hair, do not rub your hair with a towel. Instead of covering the hair for a while with a towel or wipe the hair gently with the towel. When you rub your hair with a towel, this can make your hair dull and cause severe damage. If you are not in a hurry, leave your hair open for a while.

14. Put the silk cover on the pillow

Cotton or any other fabric pillow covers can damage your hair, because these fabrics absorb moisture and hair products from the hair and make your hair rough hair shine, replace your old cotton pillow cover with a silk pillow cover.

15. Never comb wet hair

For my part, I have made this mistake since childhood. Then, having known its harmful side, I stopped combing my wet hair. Hair is very fragile in wet conditions. So, as a result of combing wet hair, it can break easily. To prevent this damage, never comb damp hair.

16. How to take care of your dyed hair

If your hair is color treated, then you should take extra care so that your hair color lasts long. Always use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, shampoo and conditioner with sulfates, stripping color from the hair. While you rinse your hair try using cold water. Hot or warm water can wash off your colored hair.

17. Protect your hair from heat

We all know that heat hair styling tools are harmful for our hair. Those devices can be anything such as straighteners, curlers and dryers. These tools quickly damage your hair, making it dull, dry, rough and brittle. If your hair is severely damaged by using  these tools, then stop using them. Or, you can keep your styling tool in low or medium setting.

18. Its essential to use heat protection spray

If you are using one of these heat protection tools such as the dryer, curler, straightener, then first you must use a heat protection spray to protect your hair from damage. Heat  protections spray act as a barrier to prevent heat.

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To conclude, I want to say that all of the hair care I mentioned is very simple. As long as you care for your skin seriously, you should also care for your hair seriously. If you start taking care of your hair seriously now, your hair will be protected from further damage in the future.

Who doesn’t like healthy, strong, and shining hair. Yes, everyone like that kind of hair. Whether the hair is short or long it does not matter, but the only point is to keep the hair healthy. To help you, I brought this post hair care tips to make your hair healthier.

Hopefully that’ll help you.


Abhijit Sarkar

Abhijit Sarkar

Abhijit Sarkar is a passionate automobile engineer and part-time content writer. With his deep interest in skincare and hair care, he brings a unique perspective to the world of beauty. Abhijit's expertise lies in dissecting the science behind various hair and skin problems, providing effective solutions, and sharing practical tips for a healthy and radiant appearance. As a meticulous researcher, he delves into the intricacies of beneficial and harmful ingredients, empowering readers to make informed choices. Through his engaging articles, Abhijit aims to simplify the complexities of hair and skincare, helping readers unlock their true beauty potential.

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