17 Easy Steps to Get Thicker Fuller Hair For Men [According to Experts]

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No matter how much you try to reduce hair loss, this is something inevitable. Just like women suffer from this problem, men suffer from it too. Women do many treatments to prevent hair loss. But men often do not take any measures to prevent hair loss due to shame or reluctance. Since male hair tends to become thinner over time and if you think that even if you do a lot, you will not get the result, in this case, if you hold on to it, then those thoughts are meaningless. Because nowadays, there are a lot of solutions to prevent this problem, you can easily make your hair thicker and fuller.

In today’s presentation, we’ve come up with how to stop hair loss, and what steps you can take to regrow and make your hair thicker and fuller. All processes are tried and tested, so you can safely follow these to bring back the pride of your lost hair.

There are many potential causes of hair loss among men. Although male pattern baldness is more prevalent among men. This hair loss process usually takes 15-25 years to complete. There is no remedy for this type of hair loss, but yes, you can slow down the process with certain medicines.

There are many other causes of hair loss, such as Telogen Effluvium, Anagen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, Cicatrical Alopecia, Folliculitis Decalvans etc. There are a lot more causes as well.

Telogen Effluvium:-Normally, about 100,00 hairs of a human being are spun in a cycle, in which the hair grows, rests and falls out, and finally regenerates. It is the type of hair loss when a large number of hair follicles go into the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. But when the next stage does not start, this causes hair loss without new hair growth. The intervention is considered chronic if it lasts 6 months.

AnagenEffluvium:-It is a fast hair loss, caused by different medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. Chemotherapy stops the production of the hair follicles and hair regrow after this treatment is over.

Alopecia Areata:-In Alopécia Areata, the immune system of the body attacks healthy tissues, which include hair follicles. The result is hair loss and also inhibits new hair growth.

Cicatricial Alopecia:-This is a very rare type of hair loss, where inflammation destroys the hair follicles and hair does not grow back as a result of scar formation in the tissues.

In addition to the above medical issues, there are additional medical issues that cause hair loss.

Of the above article, you have learned about possible medical problems for hair loss. However, if you feel that your hair is falling out seriously, then you must go to the doctor.

And now you know some other possible causes that may cause hair loss.

Stress:- Nowadays everyone has to take the stress of work to fulfill their livelihood, which is why most people suffer from it. And there’s a connection between stress and hair loss. Due to stress, the body produces more hormones that affect hair growth.

Over styling hair:- If you style your hair a lot during a long period, it is possible that the hair will be severely damaged. Every day using different heating tools and styling hair in many ways can lead to dry hair and become unhealthy. For which the hair begins to fall gradually.

Diet:- You already know that your diet is a very important part of maintaining your physical health. The way you are accustomed to eating habits will have an effect on your body. Eating habits affect the function of the body from the metabolism of every human being as well as the hair.

Your hair loss can also be due to dietary deficiency. This deficiency occurs when you follow a variety of restrictive diets like Keto and Pale. Since a healthy scalp is made up of a variety of vitamins and proteins such as- Iron, anaemia, Vitamin A, D, and Omega 3. And some foods must be omitted if you follow this restrictive diet and your body lacks nutrients that are present in those foods. As a result, the body, as well as the hair, is subjected to the consequences.

Genes:- One of the common causes of hair loss is a hereditary condition, which comes into you from your parents. This type of hair loss is called androgenic alopecia and male pattern baldness. As men get older, it tends to get stronger. When you notice that your hair starts to fall out from the temples or the crown of the head, then you need to understand that it is male pattern baldness. For some men, this type of hair loss is, like an ‘m’ shape.

All of the above factors were a possible cause of hair loss in men. There are other reasons than health issues. But there’s nothing to worry about. Because if you take various precautions, you can make your hair stronger from the inside out. So if you’re wondering how to get thicker and fuller hair, then make sure you read the rest of our post. There are a variety of tips given which, if followed, will make your hair stronger, thicker, and fuller.

Then let’s start without further ado.

How to get thicker and fuller hair?

1. You need to stop smoking

Smoking is very detrimental to your overall physical health. Smoking disrupts the body’s blood circulation so that adequate nutrients do not reach the body properly. And as a result of this lack of nutrients, hair starts to fall out and new hair does not grow again. Try to stay away from smoking.

2. Hair cut

Many times with thin hair, haircuts play a big role. As males are more likely to have thinner hair, they often cut their hair in different styles to cover their thin hair. Like, they might grow their hair a little longer, then style them in parting. But if you don’t want to part your hair, then you can keep your hair short and unstructured. Classic crop or short unstructured hair makes your hair look thicker. 

The next time, when you go to the salon to get a haircut, ask your hairstylist to cut the hair into fine slices and bricks to create more texture and volume. The shorter the hair, the better it will be to take care of it, which will also make the hair healthier.

3. Oiling the hair to get thicker fuller hair

It is very good to use oil on hair and it is best if you warm it up a little first. Warm oil retains the moisture of the hair and protects the hair from dryness, damage, and frizziness. You can use only one good oil for your hair and you can mix the two oils if you want. For example, you can mix avocado oil with virgin coconut oil. You may also mix pure almond oil with castor oil, and the almond oil mixed with olive oil is very good.

You can apply any of these oils individually, without mixing. And when using a mixture of these oils, consider mixing the two oils in equal proportions. And how much oil you take, will vary according to the length of your hair.

4. Keep your hair clean

It doesn’t matter how you care for your hair, the most important thing is to keep your hair clean. And the shampoo is necessary to keep the hair clean. There are plenty of hair thickening shampoos available now to thicken the thin hair. If you want, you can use the shampoo that contains ketoconazole. Ketoconazole helps make the hair thicker. You can also use various irritant-free shampoos.

However, remember when buying shampoo, that the shampoo should not contain silicone. Silicone blocks the moisture and nutrients of hair. Thus, you may opt for silicone-free shampoo. However, do not use shampoo daily because it can cause your hair to become dry and weaken your hair shaft.

If the scalp is very oily, you can shampoo 2-3 days a week. When shampooing, do not take much shampoo, you can take a quarter size shampoo, it is enough to clean your scalp.

5. Use Conditioner

Use the silicone-free conditioner in addition to the silicone-free shampoo. Although you may have many conditioner options that offer many things, but you will choose your conditioner depending on your hair type. If you wish, you may also use a leave-in conditioner.

6. Massage the scalp

Massage the scalp to enhance blood flow. Scalp massage stimulates your scalp’s health and increases blood flow to the hair follicles.

Massage the scalp with your fingertip by applying pressure into a circular motion. You can massage during the application of the oil or on damp hair before shampooing. You can take the help of a scalp massager if you want.

7. Try to avoid combing

Avoid brushing your hair to the extent possible. But of course, you can comb your hair when you need it most, but try to reduce the number of combs you use. Instead, you fix or style hair with your fingers, you will notice that more volume and texture have been added to your hair.

8. What styling products are you using?

Use spray or mousse to add volume and texture to the hair. And if you are using heavy waxes and gels for your hair, then ditch them, because they make the hair heavier and set the hair down and make the hair thin and flat.

9. Dry your hair naturally

Dry your hair naturally without using a dryer. Hairdryer weakens hair follicles and causes hair loss problems in the future.  

Lightly pat dry the wet hair with an old cotton T-shirt, don’t rub your hair. You can also use a microfiber towel for drying your hair. Wiping the hair with a regular towel causes friction between the hair and the towel, causing hair breakage, Therefore, gently wipe your hair with an old T-shirt or microfiber towel to prevent breakage and allow the rest to dry naturally.

Again, if you have less time to dry your hair naturally, you may use a hairdryer, but don’t let the hot air touch the hair. Buy a dryer that has the option of ‘cooling air’. Each time you dry your hair with a hairdryer, select the ‘Cool button’ option. It will not damage your hair at all.

10. Try hair masks

You can apply different hair masks to strengthen and thicken the hair from the inside. Homemade hair masks are first and foremost available in your kitchen and are of good quality as these ingredients are natural. Like egg yolk, it is full of nutrients like vitamin A, D, biotin, and folate. Aloe vera is rich in vitamin A, C, and E, and also contains vitamin B-12 and folic acid that contribute to promote hair growth.

Mix 2-3tbsp of warm coconut oil with egg yolk and leave the mask on hair for 10-15 minutes. You may also mix the coconut oil with aloe vera and leave it on the hair for 10-15 minutes.

11. Use cold water, to rinse hair

Bathing in very hot water is bad for both body and hair. The hot steam opens up the cuticles which causes the hair to become dry, brittle, and frizzy. Therefore, start washing the hair with normal temperature water to keep the hair healthy. Coldwater seals the hair’s cuticles and retains their hydration.

12. Consume enough protein

Plenty of protein is required to sustain hair growth. Because our hair, mostly consists of proteins. Add more protein to your diet, such as- spinach, nuts, seeds, avocados, eggs, lean meats, beans, and fish like salmon etc.

13. Eat vitamin rich foods

You already know that hair loss is one of the consequences of a nutritional deficit. And this nutritional deficiency happens due to lack of various vitamins in the body, not eating enough vitamin rich foods. Boost your intake of vitamins and minerals to keep your body and hair healthy.

Such as vitamin-A rich foods are sweet potatoes, eggs, yogurt, carrots, nuts, seeds, fish, kidney, avocado, and dairy products contain vitamin-B and protein. Again, different citrus fruits, peppers are high in vitamin C. Vitamin-D is found in fatty fishes, egg yolk, and vitamin-E is found in almonds, spinach, and avocados. Also, spinach, red meat, pulses are rich in iron and pumpkin seed, oyster is rich in zinc. This helps greatly to strengthen and thicken the hair.

14. You can take hair supplements

Biotin and fish oil supplements help to strengthen hair and help hair grow. This does not mean that you should skip meals, just take supplements. You can take these supplements along with food. Although, I would suggest that you should take the advice of your doctor before taking any supplements.

15. Maintain a healthy life

Stress, poor diet, inadequate sleep, all have a detrimental effect on hair health. The hair becomes weaker and thinner day by day and the hair growth cycle is also disrupted. So, make a few changes to your lifestyle to keep your hair healthy, such as starting exercise, doing yoga, and meditation.

16. Drink plenty of water

Please drink lots of water. An adequate amount of water retains moisture in your hair and keeps the scalp healthy.

17. Ditch Hot Tools and chemicals

You already know that the various styling tools are dangerous to the hair. Hence, stop using hot styling tools and various chemicals like hair dyes, relaxer. They cause the most damage to your hair.


As you can see, you really don’t have to work so hard to attain this thicker, fuller hair. Firstly, do you want your hair strong or not? Of course, you want that, who doesn’t want strong hair. This is why you must follow all these tips with dedication, so you too will have stronger, thicker, and fuller hair like other men. And you will stop searching for answers about how to strengthen and thicken the hair of men. So, make up your mind that you have to strengthen your hair, then start following the tips.

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